Instructions for Would-Be Sub

Is he real or is he not?  My Craigslist correspondent tells me he wants to give up control.  So, I’ve given him direction.  Any “relationship” between us will need to be based on obediance, long before I touch his ass, or he touches my cock.  That’s what he says he wants, and that’s why I’m “intrigued.”

I get a kick out of writing shit like this.  In 20 years of internet hookups, it’s never worked.  LOL

Still, the boy asked, and so he receives.  I’m *such* a good master.

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His ad was very detailed.  His thesis:

” I’m a masculine white male 31 that is attractive, personable, and I always take pride in my appearance. I lead a normal straight/vanilla life but hope to approach a Master that would allow me the privilege to be under his control, then send me back to my everyday life until next time he needs to be served without anyone knowing that behind closed doors I’m an object to be used and exist to serve natural Superiors…

After always being in control in my life, I’ve recently found myself thinking more and more of dominant men over me, and feel I am ready, willing and able to take the next step to be trained by a strict, demanding Master (control is more important to me than your age). I have a deep-seated hunger to submit, obey, learn, and be molded as I am kneeling before a Dominant Man accustomed to giving orders and having them obeyed with complete obedience and dedication.”

On one level, his ad set off my bullshit alarm.  But there was something here.  He wrote well, which is always a good sign.  Most fags looking to grab pics or beat off to e-mails don’t put so much effort into the solicitation.  So I bit.

Now, some of you might be asking, “What’s a cumslut bottom like you doing shopping yourself as a dom?”  Well, doms can be cumsluts too.  And I’ve gone back and forth over the years.  It seems like every couple of years something flips the switch and I switch.  LOL.

So, I bit.  My reply set the tone.  I didn’t talk about the heinous acts I would perpetrate on his nubile flesh.  (The list of “activities” he wanted to explore would make a New York whore blush.)  I learned long ago that time-wasters are looking for stroke fiction.  I addressed him in the tone he requested, and left it up to him.

To my surprise he responded and we swapped two more notes.  He shyly admitted he was married.  I closed it off by saying I’d be in touch.  Now he didn’t know it, but this was a test, one I knew he’d fail.  Craigslist fags, even if sincere, are always overeager.  He said he wanted to submit to control, and I’d taken control when I said I’d be in touch.  Could he wait?  Not in a million years.

The next day he sent a note informing me that I hadn’t responded.  Bingo.  The leverage I was looking for.  I wrote: 

“I understand you’ve not heard back from me, boy.  I said I would be in touch.  That I hadn’t yet is not your concern.  Your first lesson will deal with courtesy.  I suspected you’d fail this test and because it *was* a test, you’ll get a pass, instead of a dismissal.  But, you will be punished.

I’ll be in touch.  You may acknowledge receipt of this note.”

This prompted a humble note apologizing and pledging not to disappoint again.  We’ll see.

Today I did get in touch, with a detailed set of instructions, the choice of three times to meet and a reminder that he was to be punished for his fuck up.  He has four more hours to respond.  I am curious to see where this goes, and I’ll find out shortly.  He’ll either reveal himself as a Craigslist time-waster or as… something else.  If something else, the possibilities are intriguing.

Brutal Fuck

I enjoy a long slow fuck as much as the next guy.  Sometimes though my inner pain pig surfaces and I get into very rough scenes.

Latest hookup:  Mid 30s black guy from A4A.  Advertising 8.5 cut, and “safe sex only.”  But, his last message to me read:  “man I love a wet hairy ass to stick my cock in…clean out extra deep man because I dig deep…love to plant my seed as far up in you as possible.”  That sounded promising.

I got to his place and he passed inspection.  (Not that I’m picky.)  We went to the bedroom and stripped.  He had a good average build… a little soft but nice pecs with big nips.  Perfect chocolate brown skin.  His cock was soft, and it didn’t look like it would grow to 8.5”.  Hoped I was wrong.

He pushed me to my knees and I got to work.  I held his cock gently in my mouth, ran my tongue around the head and shaft and suckled.   He appreciated the effort, verbally and physically.  While he told me to suck his fucking cock, it grew.   And grew.  Soon it was filling my mouth and tapping my throat.

Now I am an expert deep throater and I decided to demonstrate.  I dove down on his fat cock (which by now was every bit of 8.5”) and pressed his head into my throat.  He moaned and grabbed the back of my head, so there was no escape.  He started to fuck, ramming his cock deep.  My eyes teared up, my mouth filled with spit and I gagged.  I loved it.  He had no mercy and I should have expected what happened next.

He pushed me off his cock and I landed on my ass, my mouth still gaping.  He grabbed my arm and pulled me up then pushed me on the bed, face down.  Climbing behind me he drizzled a small amount of lube in my crack, then spit twice on my hole.  Then it started.

His cock hit my hole and didn’t stop.  He pushed firmly, breaking my ring’s resistance.  He didn’t slow, he just pressed.  My hole spread and the pain increased.  I cried out.  If this kept up, I thought I would actually cry.  Five seconds after he entered my hole he was balls deep.  I couldn’t move.  I could only gasp for air.

When he bottomed out he paused for a moment and put his face by my ear.  “That’s some tight pussy,” he said.  I didn’t think it would ever be tight again.

Then he began to fuck.  No, actually, he began to rape me.   He pulled his cock out until just the head spread my hole, then he slammed back in.  Over and over again, as deep as he could fuck.  He had warned me.  He said he went deep, and damn did he.  Each thrust pushed my second ring.  The pain was incredible - pounding my colon over and over again.

I couldn’t help it.  Each time he battered my guts I screamed.  A broken half grunt sobbing sound that started low and rose to a high-pitched moan when his cock opened me up inside.  He clamped his hand over my mouth to protect the neighbors, but he didn’t slow.  He pistoned his cock like a machine.  I couldn’t even think about working my cock.  I couldn’t reach it – his weight pushed me into  the bed on every thrust.  And besides I wasn’t hard – the pain was too great.  He wasn’t trying to make this enjoyable for me.  He wanted his nut.

His thrusts became erratic, but just as hard.  I felt his breath on my neck and heard him softly chanting “fuck, fuck, fuck.”  Then he wrapped his arm around my neck and pushed deep – deeper than before, his full weight driving his cock into my guts.  He held it there and didn’t move.  He was silent, but I knew he was flooding my ass with his cum.

I couldn’t move with his body on mine.  I turned my head into the pillow and closed my eyes.  I knew I had been breeded deep, as promised.  After he pulled out, I fingered my ass and was happy to find it sloppy with a huge load of cum.

On my way out, he said we had to do this again.  I thought only a second then said “fuck yeah.”  Next time I’ll know what to expect.  I wonder if he’ll be as brutal.

Tonight’s fuck.  He opens me up, deep and rough.  Then fucks me.  He’s not a great cameraman, but you get the idea.  His load runs out my hole.  Audio is hot.  This dude has potential - tasty ass too.

For deposit only.

For deposit only.